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Programs begin at 7:30.  Please join us--and bring a friend!


Ashy Storm-Petrels; An Endangered and Elusive Endemic of the California Current.
With Audubon California’s Anna Weinstein.

Ashy Storm-Petrel is one of the California region's few near-endemic species. It’s one of the species most sought after by visiting birders. It’s also one of the most difficult to find. Increasingly, it also appears to be in deep trouble, as the pressures of a changing ocean climate continue to alter the basline ecological conditions of the Northeast Pacific.  Predation by introduced predators at its natal colonies in recent years has made survivial more difficult, too. But, in recent years Audubon California has helped lead a coalition of non-profits focused on improving fisheries and ocean management for the benefit of marine predators, with a focus on seabirds like Ashy Storm-Petrels. Please join Marine Program Director Anna Weinstein for an illuminating overview of this important work. 

TUESDAY August 8
Cuba: The Land of Cohibas and Quail-Doves with Don Roberson and Rita Carratello 

Blue-headed Quail-Dove by Patty McGann

Cuba is the crown jewel of avian endemism in the Carribean. Its storied twentieth-century history has had a direct impact on the birds and biodiversity of the island, as well. Local notables Don Roberson and Rita Carratello were joined by fellow birders Larry and Carole Rose for a grand avian tour of the island, last year. They returned with photos of fabulous endangered endemics, and other, more existential, tales to tell. Join us for an entertaining and informative take on this storied and rapidly changing isle. 

TUESDAY September 12
Combatting Nature Defecit Disorder Amongst Today’s Youth, with Sarah Fox

TUESDAY October 10
New Perspectives on Seabirds and Mammals of Monterey Bay, with Fast Raft

TUESDAY November 14
Birding the Incan Empire, a Land of Abundance and Endemism with Paul Fenwick and/or Blake Matheson

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