Ame Wells

09 Costa Rica (172)

Board position:  Treasurer, Secretary

Occupation:  Pediatric Nurse, Massage Therapist and Instructor

other interests: Travel, Photography, Motorcycling, Scuba Diving

favorite bird:  Road Runner 

best bird sighting:  Lammergeier (2nd favorite bird) circling at 19,000 feet on Mt. Kilimanjaro

favorite local birding spot:  Laguna Grande Park, Seaside, CA

favorite birding spot abroad:  Napo Wildlife Refuge, Ecuador

favorite birding memory:  Hiking alone in the rain in the Yanacocha Reserve in Ecuador to find the Sword-Billed Hummingbird while Chris stayed behind with the car to wretch out the rest of his food-poisoning.  Finally, I found something cool first!

favorite quote:  “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.”   - Helen Keller

07 amelion serengeti 1

Ame was born in Redlands, California, but soon moved to Monterey where, as a little girl, she spent much of her time reading about the human mind, exploring the Marine Biology found on the shores and tide pools of Monterey Bay, and dreaming of traveling throughout the world.

After serving in the US Navy as a Corpsman, Ame returned to the Peninsula to pursue Nursing in her community.  With a BA in Social Work, Masters in Nursing Education, certifications as a Multiple Sclerosis Nurse Specialist, Lactation Counselor, and Massage Therapist, Ame continues to use a variety of experiences and skills by practicing as a pediatric nurse for the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. Ame is very passionate about health education. 

07 chrisamesummit kili 1

In 2003, Ame met her husband, Chris Hartzell, and soon discovered that an entire world of birds exists beyond just “seagulls” and “ducks”. With Chris, Ame has traveled the world to photograph wildlife, and has ‘birded’ some truly incredible places on the planet. Along with her blossoming interest in birds, Ame works with Chris on environmental issues, wildlife conservation, and animal welfare.


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