Brian Weed

Board position: Scholarship Committee Member, former Sanderling Editor, Historian

Occupation:  Retired, Teaches bird class at PG Adult School

other interests: Basketball, Writing

first time birding:  Whidbey Island, Washington

unusual birding event: Being shot at on the Hollister Xmas Count

best birding event:  Meeting future wife Jan Scott on a field trip to Jetty Rd.

I have been a volunteer for MPAS since the early 1980s.  For many years I wrote a regular column for the Sanderling suggesting birds to look for and where to look for them during the upcoming seasons.  I tried to write it with humor and some gentle, verbal prodding.  That began before I took over as editor of the Sanderling and continued during the time I served as editor.  I served with many presidents and other directors from the early 80s on.  The last office I held was that of Historian (fitting since that was my MA) when the board tried to establish an office and library.  In a moment of weakness the MPAS board presented me with a plaque for "Meritorious Service" in October 1994.

I grew up in North Dakota and was always interested in all kinds of wildlife, especially when I become a waterfowl and upland game hunter.  As a hunter you have to know your birds and their behaviors.  However, I first became bookish about birds when living on Whidbey Island in Washington State.  The house I rented on the water had Osprey and Bald Eagles coming to the front yard, hummingbirds and other birds coming to the feeders, so I just started paying attention.  That is when birds became an essential part of my life. 

I try to enjoy the moment.  I certainly enjoy the sounds of the Woodcock in flight display on a spring evening in Minnesota, but I just as thoroughly enjoy the ascending spiral song of the Swainson's Thrush I often hear along the Carmel River.

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